Dear Men: This ones for you...😅

Gentleman, the hair on your face/chin is just as important as the hair on your head and should be treated as such. The same way you consistently comb your hair or wear your Durag to maintain your waves 🌊 .. well your beard should get the same amount of tender loving care and attention.

Our products are not just for women and children. Our male customers have also noticed wonderful results when using our products on their hair and beard.

Start your beard care with us and see results. 🏆#Beardgang

The use of butters and oils date back as far as the Babylonian times, where oil such as sesame was thought to be popular.

At Sophia Haircare, we have taken the same idea and concept to apply it to the nurture and care of our Prince's and King's beards.

Our range of oils which Include Ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Baobab oil, Argan oil and many more, help to stimulate those follicles to grow a more vibrant, fuller and thicker facial hair.  

Growing a healthy beard revolves around a consistent care regime with adequate product use. A good conditioning regime aids in the maintenance and continuous growth of your beard.  

You can brush the hairs with a beard brush and beard comb. This helps with the even spread of the natural sebum produced by the skin and products used. 

To ensure that lush and admirable beard that has gracefully adorned the faces of our Kings - continue to flourish, a simple regime such as this should be followed.

You can use our hair buttercream which will ensure that the beard remains natural and soft with a long lasting moisture.

1.) After a shower or face wash, apply a few drops of our crown oil to your beard whilst slightly dabbing. The warm shower will allow the cuticles of the hair and pores to be fully opened as this aids the oil to be absorbed more effectively than it would be otherwise. Ensure the oil is well massaged into the skin beneath the hair for optimal moisture and to avoid dry and bumpy skin. 

2.) Use your comb to remove any knots and tangles and beard brush to tame the beard. 

3.) The buttercream has two functions,  conditioning and styling the beard to enable a softer and more in depth moisture which lasts longer. Our buttercream helps soften the strands of facial hair over time. A pea sized amount of butter should be applied to the beard. With these easy but effective steps to your beard care regime, it will result in a well cared for and nourished beard.

So men, whats stopping you from caring for your beard the right way?! Start now!


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