♡ Official Launch Day - 1st September 2020

Saturday 29th August

Hello Loves!

Welcome back to my blog :)

So much things have happened these last few weeks.

We have 2 new ambassadors featured on our website, Please meet Lilas & Gabrice.

SophiaHaircare officially obtained a license to start making and selling our products.

I have been waiting for weeks whilst my products were reviewed and tested and a product safety report was also conducted.

I passed and received a certificate from the Cosmetic Safety Consultants Ltd - Finally!

I wanted to do this right, it didn't feel right to make and sell all my homemade products without it being officially approved. My products are completely natural and safe to use on children.

I was still selling my products to those were willing to purchase - however now I can start to sell internationally and to ALL now that I have a license.

I have restocked and made lots of products as well as a new product - the hot oil treatment! with a conditioning water-based spritz coming very soon! (it's taking longer than I expected to get the formula right)

I had no stock for a whole week and had to sadly announce that I was out of stock as I was receiving a lot of order enquiries. We're officially BACK IN STOCK and will launch on the 1st of September 2020!

As you know, we're a new upcoming black owned business.

Will you spend your coins on us for BlackPound day on Saturday 5th of September?


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