BUY our '3 MuskHairTeers' set, which includes:


1x large Hair buttercream (Lavender scent) (280ml),

1x large Crown Oil (plain scent) (100ml)

1x Hot Oil Treatment (200ml) f


All yours or £39.99!

(10% cheaper than if you were to purchase all 3 individually)


Bundle comes with the Lavender scented hair buttercream and plain scented crown oil. If you wish to change the scents to plain, please choose your preferred scent in the drop-down menu option.




Has NO Artificials, Sulfates, Parabens, Fragrance, Silicones or Colours. ONLY the most natural & purest of ingredients are used. 

The 3 MuskHairteers - Set ♡

SKU: 0000003
Crown Oil 100ml
Hair Buttercream 280ml
  • Includes:

    1x Silver-lid glass jar of hair buttercream (280ml) and is sealed with a traditional african print material.

    1x Glass pipette dropper bottle of crown oil (100ml)

    1x Plastic Amber bottle of hot oil treatment (200ml)


    To be stored in a cool dry place.

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